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Carpet steam cleaning only $30 per room
Standard Carpet cleaning $35 per room
super deluxe carpet $40 per room
end of lease cleaning special offer
$160 for studio appt
$199 for 1 bedroom unit
$259 for 2 bedroom unit
$299 for 3 bedroom unit

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  After Party Cleaning / Final Cleaning


You had organised and hosted a fantastic party last night and it’s over now. You have surveyed the mess and it’s a daunting sight! The following morning you have to start and clean up the mess – at this point of time you think that hosting a party at home is the worst thing. But now you don’t have to deal with all this stuff, thanks to New Crystal Cleaning. We are just a phone call away from cleaning all your after party cleaning worries. We have in offer for you best after party cleaning service in Sydney Australia.

We will dispose all the rubbish and clean up the mess, leaving your house spotless. We as after part cleaning company in Australia will make sure that every room in the house is spotlessly clean including bathrooms, lounge areas and bedrooms.

We offer services like cleaning all the cans, glasses, rubbish, bottles, and empty bottles, empty all the waste in the kitchen bins, vacuum and mop the entire floor, wash all the plates, etc.

After we do the cleaning and make your house clean, no one would believe that the same house had hosted a party last night. With our final cleaning services you will be amazed by the work done by our experience and skilled workers efforts.

Our fully trained and highly professional staff will ensure that you have the best after cleaning service in the whole of Australia. We will make sure that you get the fragrance of freshly polished door and furniture.

Our cleaners are available for immediate or next day cleaning as per your convenience. You can choose to relax or monitor as we get you back your sparkled home back.
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